We aim to make your life easier.

In line with the Plug&Play philosophy, our products are designed to be integrated into your movements as simply as possible. Our range of components and services will meet all your escapement needs.

Whether you require individual components, (hairsprings, balance wheels, etc.) or a full range, our products are available in standard and customised versions. Our services cover all your needs, from component design and manufacture through to assembly and movement setting.



We have on stock various standard components. This means attractive prices and shorter delivery lead times for you.

To ensure that you can use these components in your new product, we suggest you to contact us at the start of your project.



We offer modular product designs, including the following components:

  • Balance wheels: with or without screws, different inertias and heights.
  • Hairsprings: Breguet curve or flat, double, helical.
  • Escapements: different pointages, heights and materials (we offer nickel-phosphorus or silicon components among others as standard).

This means it is easy to design and manufacture products that fully satisfy your requirements.



We have the expertise to produce all escapement components, with the exception of rubies.

From product design to final assembly, we will help you find the best solution for your needs.



Available in the following versions:

  • raw, colleted and/or studded
  • classé or compté
  • with flat or Breguet terminal curve
  • in small or large series

All our hairsprings are made from our new self-compensating PE4000 alloy and thermally stabilised.



Our wide range includes:

  • simple (compliant with the NIHS 34.04 standard) and screwed balance wheels
  • different materials, such as beryllium copper (Glucydur) or nickel silver
  • inertias adjustable between 4 and 40 mgcm2 as standard; other inertias available on request
  • different colours



Plates or complete wheels in a range of materials, including carbon steel, Durnico (anti-magnetic), nickel alloys, silicon and even solid gold.