Our clients include some of the most famous watchmakers in Switzerland and abroad. Whether standard or custom-made, our oscillators and escapements allow our clients to create innovative mechanical movements and watches. Quality is the watchword in everything we do.

Innovative design and customer focus, combined with unique escapement expertise (component materials, manufacture and assembly), enable PEAG to design and produce components that meet your requirements perfectly.

We can help you to define the technical specifications for an oscillator and the related pointage. We will then manufacture and assemble the components, and regulate the oscillator. The finished product will meet your requirements perfectly and be ready for assembly.


The delivery of quality components that fully satisfy our clients’ requirements is central to PEAG’s philosophy. Our quality system is based on four principles:

1) Quality in design:

Smart design simplifies the achievement of high quality standards.

2) Quality in manufacturing:

Modern, tailored production tools limit margin of error in the manufacturing process.

3) Quality control:

Appropriate quality control tools and procedures are an integral part of our quality system.

4) Quality improvement:

We strive continually to improve our quality control and we undergo regular audits.


Developed by PEAG in 2014, this new alloy meets the most exacting standards. Its main properties are as follows:

  • self-compensating, with extremely homogeneous mechanical properties
  • easy to regulate
  • uniform and gleaming appearance
  • particularly suitable for chronometer certification and small and double hairsprings


  • Production machinery built to our specifications allow the manufacture and shaping of hairsprings to meet the most exacting standards.
  • PEAG has developed and patented an innovative process for the production of very regular Breguet curves which offers excellent flexibility in the choice of geometry.


Our R&D team works tirelessly to improve our products, using techniques such as digital simulation. We have, for example, developed a hairspring with reduced lateral expansion, which is an advantage for tourbillon or double-hairspring designs.