Our story began in the 1930s, when Dr Reinhard Straumann developed and patented a revolutionary alloy for self-compensating hairsprings. His invention became the basis for all Nivarox-type alloys (containing iron, nickel and chrome) used in watchmaking.

Precision Engineering AG (PEAG) has been founded in 2001 by Dr Thomas Straumann, Reinhard’s grandson. It took over the watchmaking business of Straumann SA.

PEAG has continued to build on the technology and know-how inherited from Straumann SA and today the company boasts unrivalled expertise in material development and manufacture.

We are one of the few companies in the world capable of designing and manufacturing ferromagnetic and paramagnetic alloys for self-compensating hairsprings.

As a tribute to these inventors, we have trademarked the brand names Spiral Straumann®, Straumann Spirale® and Straumann Hairspring®.

In 2012, PEAG became an independent subsidiary of the Moser Watch Holding group. Thanks to the subsequent injection of entrepreneurial spirit and investment in our production facilities, PEAG now works with the biggest names in Swiss watchmaking.

We are constantly developing our expertise in order to offer our clients products with the highest performance.